Reviewer: Steve Steiner
Product Reviewed: Marriage Sherpa’s Survive an Affair

Today I’m taking a look at Marriage Sherpa’s Survive an Affair system.  If your marriage feels like it’s crumbing and headed for divorce, this course put together by Dr. Gunzburg, is probably something you’ve heard of before and maybe you’re curious about what it’s all about. Having a satisfying marriage should be easy, once you’ve check out this amazing product.

Marriage Sherpa Review – My Take on It

This program is very professionally put together.  One thing that I personally like is that Dr. Gunzburg has a PhD in Counseling and that he has over 30 years of experience helping married couples resolve their problems and find ways of overcoming the challenges of married life.  This is the real deal here, not some shady program that was hastily put together just to make money.

Marriage Sherpa Review – What You’ll Discover

Inside Dr. Gunzburg’s Marriage Sherpa system you’ll learn quite a bit.  The program is broken up into 10 sections that cover everything from ending the cycle of victimization and pain to learning how to make your love better than it ever was before.  The sections are:

Section 1 – Taking Responsibility for Your Marriage
Section 2 – Deepening the Emotional Connection with Your Spouse
Section 3 – How to Stop Fighting
Section 4 – How to Deal with Anger
Section 5 – How to Re-spark Love and Romance
Section 6 – Coping with Jealousy
Section 7 – How to Heal Infidelity
Section 8 – Rebuilding Trust in a Relationship
Section 9 – Learning to Enjoy Being with Each Other Again
Section 10 – How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy and Happy

Inside all of these sections you’ll discover loads of great tips that will show you things like:

- How to get your partner to commit to improving things (this is key in working things out)
– How to have meaningful conversations and connect again
– How to disagree without starting a fight (most people blow this big time)
– How to deal with your partner’s anger
– How to be romantic and create intimacy (probably not what you think)
– Knowing the difference between good and bad jealousy (yes, there is a difference)
– Rebuilding the foundation of your relationship and restoring trust

There is a lot to cover in this book and Dr. Gunzburg does a great job of dealing with all the challenge that people deal with in a marriage.

Marriage Sherpa Review- What You’ll Get

You get an eBook that is over 200 pages of helpful content.  You can download the book right way after you get it and start healing your marriage immediately.  I know that when your relationship is falling apart and your spouse just walked out on you, the last thing that you want to do is wait around for a week or two just to get something in the mail.  Trust me, this is a huge plus if you want to start improving things as soon as possible.

Marriage Sherpa Review – The Bottom Line

Marriage Sherpa is a top-notch guide for the modern married couple.  Here you won’t just find trite and cliche tips, but you’ll be getting real advice from a man with 30 years of experience doing professional counseling work.  Dr. Gunzburg’s guide will help you work out the problems in your marriage and give you and your spouse a fresh start on married life together. Miss How Your Relationship Used to Be? Get Your Spouse Back!


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