Have you been spending several nights, tossing and turning because you’ve been riddled with the question “Can I Save my marriage?”

If you and your spouse has been fighting non stop to the point that you just don’t want to be around your partner anymore and resignation has enveloped you yet there’s still a small part of you that wants to make your marriage work, then please keep reading.

How Can I Save My Marriage If We Fight All the Time?

Have you ever been around someone that was excited and happy to be in your presence? It feels amazing to know that the company you keep enjoys having you around. With that said, you and your spouse have gotten to the point that you see each other more as room mates than loving partners.

Although you have no control over your partner’s thoughts, feelings or emotions (as much as you wish you could), you do have control over your own actions.

This means, you must actively be aware of how you choose to respond and react to your spouse’s words and actions. Right now, your spouse has their battle gear on, ready to argue and fight if something comes up. What you need to do is to take off all your battle gear and actively choose not to do or say something that you know will evoke a fight.

This does not mean you can’t express yourself, it just mean finding a better way to communicate with your spouse, without going against your integrity and values.

When You talk to your spouse, always use “I” statements rather than “You” statements. If you’re riddled with the question “Can I Save My Marriage?” then you’re going to have to realize that your words make a HUGE impact on the current state of your marriage.

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